North Star Mennonite Church


Like a tree planted by a life giving stream, North Star Mennonite Church is rooted and growing in God's saving grace, ongoing healing, and everlasting hope through Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to living a Christ-centered faith that shapes who we are.

The congregation began services in the area around Drake, Saskatchewan in 1905, and formally organized on February 6, 1906. The initial Mennonite families that immigrated to the area originated from the Johannesthal and Bruderthal churches in Kansas and Alva, Oklahoma.

The first building was occupied in 1907, with subsequent building programs in 1928 and 1956. John Gerbrandt is considered the founding leader of the group. During the early years services were held in his home. The congregation was also known as Nordstern Mennonite Church. For a time the congregation held separate services in two locations, in the building four miles west of Drake and also in the village where an additional building was erected in 1928. This was discontinued when a new building was constructed in Drake in 1956. This meeting house was expanded again in 1988 with an education wing. In 1938 the membership was 252, 261 in 1952, and 255 in 2000. The language transition from German to English took place in the 1960s. The leaders of the congregation were: John Gerbrandt (1906-1926), Henry Bartel (1926-1941), Jacob Gerbrandt (1940-1944), Edwin Bartel (1926-1981), Jacob Heinrichs (1940-1953), Wesley Ewert (1943-1944), Paul Schroeder (1943-1964), Ferd Ediger (1949-1985), Abe Neufeld (1949-1953), Jacob Friesen (1949-1952), John Friesen (1950-1952), Bernie Retzlaff (1964-1966), Isaac Epp (1964-1965), Henry Penner (1966-1970, 1990-1995), Henry Funk (1971-1986, 1988-1995), Herman Wiebe (1986-1999), Ken Quiring (2000- ).

The church has adult and junior Sunday School classes, girls clubs, Bible study groups, youth work, four active ladies groups and seeks to reach out to the community in various ways.

Worship Schedule:
June to August: Worship 10:00 a.m.
No Sunday School

September to May: Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School: 9:45 to 11:00 a.m.

Pastor: Emily Toews
204 Francis Street, Box 10, Drake, SK S0K 1H0
Phone: 363-2125
Fax: 363-2120
FM station 90.1