INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED IN OCTOBER 2018, IT IS OUT OF DATE. Please contact the village office for the proper rates.

Thank you!


Season Skating Passes

Family - $130.00
Adult - $65.00
Public School - $30.00
Pre-School - $15.00

All figure skaters, minor hockey players, senior hockey players, school students, and senior”B” hockey players are expected to obtain a season skating pass. Each year the Board will set a deadline for fee collection with a penalty of 25% of the fee if the fee is late.

Ice Rental

Local - $45.00/ hour (local includes Drake, Lockwood and Guernsey and hockey teams with Drake in name)
Outside - $75.00 per hour to a max of $500.00
Senior “B”/ Old-timers - $1,000.00 / year / team (includes one tournament)
Senior (Canucks) - 30% of all gates to be paid to the Board (includes regular and playoff games)
Minor Hockey - 40% of all gates to be paid to the Board (includes regular, playoff and tournaments)
Exhibition Hockey - If team has local players, Board will waive rental but retains the kitchen income. The team will retain the gate.
Single Skate - $2.00
Roller Blading - $2.00
Minor Hockey/Skating Club Registration Fee - $20.00 per participant
School Skating - $10.00 per student (if no pass)
Trailer Hook-up - $10.00 per day (electrical)
Auction Sale - $100.00 per seller